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Latest Projects
Beautiful Statuario Marble Slabs from Italy now in stock. Wrap your surrounds with this quality marble and enjoy the understated elegance it exudes
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  Bullet Welcome to Radisa Stone
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Radisa is an Australian Owned, Queensland Company.
Founder Indukant Sharma has an understanding of natural stone based on 25 years experience, and a feeling for stone far beyond mere crystalline compositions.
Radisa have supplied many noteworthy major projects, including Brisbane Square, Riparian Plaza, Casino Towers (Brisbane), Tennyson (Graceville) and ANZ Head Office in Brisbane, to name a few
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Bullet Nature is the designer of all Natural Stone - Slabs, Pavers and Tiles, not man. Nature is not aboutexact replication, it’s more of a free spirit that embraces and creates change and variety.
Bullet Just look around – the leaves on a single tree are all different from each other and different fromthose found on another tree - different colours, patterns, sizes etc. The same can be said about the flowers on a plant, pebbles on the ground, sand on a beach, and all natural stone slabs, tiles and pavers.
Bullet All Radisa Stone Natural Stone is carefully sorted and grouped into their individual stone categories of type, size, colour and finish.
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